Our Story – The leading Internet and Telecom Service Provider in Lebanon

Sodetel is a leading Internet and Telecom service provider in Lebanon. We were established in 1968 and are jointly owned by the Lebanese Government and Orange.
We launched one of the first submarine cables in the Middle East spanning from Beirut to Marseilles in France. In the 1990s we introduced the first switched data services in Lebanon, enabling banks, multinationals and various corporations to benefit from innovative telecom services and increase their efficiency and productivity. Since 1996, we have provided a range of Internet and broadband services in collaboration with Orange. Today we are a leading fixed and wireless Internet service provider.
Furthermore, we built an advanced and sophisticated telecom network enabling us to sell premium services to residential and corporate clients. A wide range of DSL services with speeds up to 20 Mbps are being offered. We launched the first Unlimited DSL service in Lebanon, whereby customers are free to download unlimited amount of information at a fixed fee, without being charged for additional usage of volume (GB). Furthermore we are in the process of implementing our own Fiber Optics Network and currently offer FIBER service to the residential and corporate clients, through a Bitstream access.
Additionally, we offer a wide range of wireless Internet services under the 3G+4G+ and CONNECT brands.
We are recognized for providing the highest quality Internet and Telecom services for the corporate sector. We serve the largest multinationals, organizations, universities and banks in Lebanon. Customers particularly appreciate our technical support service’s expertise. Innovation in services and processes is at the core of our daily operations. Our collaboration with Orange, a leading global operator, puts us at the forefront of new technologies and contributes to our introduction of the most advanced telecom services.
Our network is characterized by a high-level of redundancy at local, nodal and international levels. This ensures a high level of survivability to failures and results in an outstanding level of service, comparable to that available in Europe and North America.