Unlocking Our Healthcare Superpowers

Sodetel is proud to announce the partnership with Soulmed, the latest technology that enable the most rapid and convenient telemedicine services. You will now be able to regain control of your health and have easy access to your chosen doctor at any time, from the comfort of your own homes. Because Your Health Matters! What is Soulmed? Soulmed offers a comprehensive selection of telemedicine services, such as;
  • Virtual doctor visits
  • Virtual fast and immediate care
  • Virtual telepsychology
Experience the Benefits of Soulmed's Telehealth Services Soulmed Telehealth offers customers;
  • Greater convenience, no need to visit the doctor's clinic
  • Reduced waiting time and cost
  • Improved efficiency through features such as shared screens and group conference calls
With Sodetel's partnership with Soulmed, you can start utilizing these services quickly and easily by registering with the link below and creating your own account. Via Sodetel only, you can benefit from a FREE Online Medical Consultation by using the promocode Sodetel2023. You can now book your appointment with your chosen doctor or healthcare specialist, anytime and anywhere.