Business services

Sodetel’s business services are designed for use by businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to international corporations.

We put our next generation fiber network and our dedicated customer support team to work to guarantee our clients receive services designed around their specific requirements. Where needed, we’re happy to help our clients with our Value Added Services, including our Data and Web Hosting offering and Colocation support.

For example, we could provide a chain of convenience stores with its own email servers, website hosting, Internet connection and support for videoconferencing between business locations or with partner companies. Our account manager would work with this firm to ensure they get the most suitable plans and find a balance of service and price.

An online retailer, on the other hand, might operate from one location but need a dedicated connection, e-commerce site, and a good internal wireless network to allow its staff to check what customers have ordered from anywhere in the warehouse. We can provide this, too.

We provide connection solutions for wireless and DSL use according to your company’s requirements, using our networks which are unrivalled in Lebanon.

Our support teams will be standing by to help you 24/7. They’re industry leaders in customer satisfaction.

Backed by industry-leading, 24/7 tech-class support, Sodetel’s Business Internet Service provides advanced communication solutions through dedicated Wireless and DSL technologies, to help companies of all sizes meet their business objectives. 
Sodetel's internet bonding service allows our customers to combine connections into a much faster and more reliable internet connection. Sign up today!
Our HDSL network provides our business users with high-speed Internet access. Computer-aided design software, cloud storage, and videoconferencing are all reliable with an HDSL connection from Sodetel. We offer multiple connection plans to suit your needs.